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Intelligent AI Switchgear|Motor Control Cabinet|Distribution Panel Board
Switchgear with AI technology
Intelligent AI Switchgear
MCSG, High Voltage Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchgear, Motor Control Cabinet, Distribution Panel Board
Product Introduction
Intelligent AI switchgear that prevents electrical fires and accidents by applying partial discharge AI diagnosis technology for the first time in Korea
System use
This product is a power facility that receives special high voltage from KEPCO and converts it into high and low voltage to stably distribute power to buildings and facilities.
100% private contract with public institutions (Certificate of government excellent product & Certificate of innovative product) and products subject to 20% mandatory purchase (New excellent product certificate)
This product is a procurement excellent product and innovative product recognized by government and 100% private contracts with public institutions are possible. In addition, as a NEP-certified new product with new technology developed for the first time in Korea, it is a product for which 20% mandatory purchase is applied from public institutions such as national institutions, local governments, and public corporations.
Main certifications
Certificate of NEP (New Excellent Product)
Certificate of NET (New Excellent Technology)
Certificate of Government Excellent Product
Certificate of Innovative Product
Core function
Partial discharge diagnosis and early detection
HFCT sensor accurately detects high-frequency current flowing to the ground when partial discharge occurs
Partial discharge types analysis
Accurately detects the state of insulation deterioration by accurately discriminating various types of partial discharge and provides the cause of deterioration
Partial discharge precise analysis
Partial discharge precise analysis function with AI, machine learning, big data
Core technology
AI technology for predicting partial discharge in switchgear
The only proven technology that can drastically reduce fire accidents and potential failures of power facilities in switchgear
Preliminary detection of insulation deterioration in switchgear by applying partial discharge detection technology by high-frequency current and AI diagnosis technology based on machine learning
HFCT sensor accurately detects high-frequency current flowing to the ground when partial discharge occurs
Optimize partial discharge diagnosis application by applying partial discharge diagnosis technology (PRPDA, PCA) and
machine learning algorithm
H/W filtering, digital filtering, and PRPDA filtering remove minute noise to raise the accuracy of partial discharge diagnosis.
AI based partial discharge type analysis technology
In order to accurately diagnose and detect partial discharge, type analysis technology is essential.
Show 98% accuracy in discriminating the type of partial discharge by applying the 『FCM_RBFNN』 algorithm, which is the optimal algorithm for partial discharge detection and pattern classification
※ FCM based RBFNN AI algorithm: Artificial intelligence based on machine learning, consisting of PRPDA, PCA, and AI Engine
※ RBFNN (Radial based Function Neural Network)
Application of partial discharge AI diagnosis technology for the first time in Korea
Provides a solution to prevent serious accidents by analyzing, diagnosing, and detecting the presence and type of partial discharge, which is the initial symptom of electrical fires and accidents
Cost effectiveness by providing predictive maintenance solutions
Intelligent AI switchgear is possible to drastically reduce operation and maintenance costs by monitoring power quality and accident risk in real time with AI diagnosis technology rather than simply transmitting measurement information.
Comprehensive coverage of 4th industrial technologies
Providing optimal decision-making solutions with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, edge computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies
Necessity for partial discharge diagnosis
What is partial discharge?
Partial discharge is local discharge of the insulation system by high voltage stress in power facilities, detecting it at an early stage is crucial because it can cause fatal damage to power facilities.
Cause of Partial discharge
① Insulator defect
② High voltage stress
③ Mechanical stress (Vibration)
④ Pollutant
⑤ Overvoltage or voltage surge state
Strengthen safety
If the partial discharge is not detected at the early stage, it can cause a serious fire accident due to insulation failure, so early diagnosis and detection technology is very necessary.
Improved reliability
Optimize the performance of the entire power facility by diagnosing and detecting partial discharge at an early stage
Secured cost effectiveness
Through real-time monitoring of partial discharge, proactive measures are taken before major defects or failures escalate to drastically reduce maintenance costs.
Partial discharge diagnosis is an essential technology for safety enhancement, failure prevention, life extension and performance optimization of power facilities
Main installation case
Incheon international airport
Ministry of Justice
Wolseong nuclear power plant
Yongin Purification Plan
Chungbuk national university
Cheonan knowledge industrial center
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