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  • Heavy Electric Equipment
  • Photovoltaic system and solution
  • Energy Storage System
  • Condition Monitoring Diagnosis Device
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Heavy Electric Equipment
Governmental institution and
Public enterprise
  • Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea
  • Republic of Korea Fleet Command
  • Gyeonbuk Provincial Police
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Gimje Free Tradee Zone Office
  • Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police
  • Air force 19 th Fighter Wing
  • Meteorological Administration
  • Rural Development Administration National Institute of Agricultural Science
  • Ministry of the Interior and Safety
  • Ministry of Environment National Institute of Environmental Research
  • Ministry of National Defence Republic of Korea
  • Korea Expressway Corporation
  • Korea Land Information Corporation
  • Korea Rural Community Corporation
  • K-Water
  • National Health Insurance Service
  • Incheon International Airport Corporation
  • Korea Worker's Compensation ans Welfare Service
  • Korea Transportation Safety Authority
  • Korea Roilroad Corporation
  • Korea Sports and Olympic Committee
  • SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp
  • Korea Gas Corporation
  • Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.,Ltd
  • Korea National Railway
  • Government Employees Pension Service
  • Korea Institute of Materials Science
  • The export and import bank of Korea
Local Autonomous entity
  • Yongin Purification Plant
  • Osan cultural center
  • Yeoju gymnasium
  • Dongducheon Purification Plant
  • Seou Urban Infrastructure Headquarter
  • Danyang Happy family center
  • Hwaseong Balan market
  • Yeoju Sejong library
  • Incheon Oryu library
  • Andong Wholesale market
  • Seongnam Sports complex
  • Yeoncheon Health center
  • Seongnam Multipurpose Welfare center
  • Hwaseong Administrative welfare center
  • Seoul Public complex
  • Sejong Nadabi ice rink
  • Yeoncheon Administrative welfare center
  • Seoul Dolsan sports park
  • Yeongdong Dementia nursing facility
  • Uiryeong Public stadium
  • Chungnam Forest Institute
Educational institution
  • Chonnam Nationnal University
  • Kongju Nationnal University
  • Gyeonggido office of education
  • Bucheon office of education
  • Daeil high school
  • Gyeonggido foreign language high school
  • Yeoju girls middle school
  • Chungbuk Industrial science high school
  • Bucheon high school
  • Korea Army Academy
  • Naval College
  • Air University
  • Gapyeong Elementary school
  • Okcheon high school
  • Korea National University of Transportation
  • Chungbuk National University
  • Gimpo high school
  • Korea Seonjin high school
  • Eundae elementary school
  • Unjeong middle school
  • Mokpo National University
Private sector
  • DL Construction
  • Hyundai plaspo
  • Soho electric power corporation
  • Saebang
  • Taejo construction
  • DL E&C
  • HL D&I
  • Kyeryoung construction
  • Hoban construction
  • Posco construction
  • Dongwon construction
※ Many other than the above references
Photovoltaic system and solution
Governmental institution and public enterprise
  • Korea Environment Corporation
  • Animal and plant Quarantine Agency
  • Meteorological Administration
  • Korean national police agency
  • Korea Expressway Corporation
  • Korea Rural Community Corporation
  • Ministry onf health and Welfare
  • Korea Land Information Corporation
  • Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
  • Korea Asset Management Corporation
  • Korea National Railway
  • Korea VeteransHealth Service
  • Korea maritime Transportation Safeth Authority
  • Ministry of National Defence Republic of Korea
  • Korea Railroad corporation
  • LH
  • ROK Army Logistics Command
  • Naval Logistics Command
  • Korea Midland Power Co.,Ltd
  • Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology
  • Rural Development Administration
  • Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute
  • Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
  • Korean Red Cross
Local Autonomous entity
  • Seocheon Complex culture center
  • Chilgok Sports center
  • Yangpyeong Seniors Welfare center
  • Asan Onyang market
  • Dongducheon Happy dream center
  • Seoul Yangjae Public parking lot
  • Gapyeong Happy welfare center
  • Seoul Seniors Welfare center
  • Hwaseong Agricultural technology center
  • Anyang Complex culture center
  • Hwaseong Happy Welfare center
  • Suwon public daycare center
  • Asan city hall
  • Ansung administrative Welfare center
  • Uijeongbu Happy duri center
  • Chungnam Provincial Police
  • Gyeonggi-do Namyangju city Urban Corporation
  • Gangwon-do Development Corporation
  • Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu Public Complex
  • Gyeonggi-do Bucheon city Urban Corporation
  • Goryoung-gun Public Gym
  • Haenam-gun Office
  • Gyeonggi-do Provincial Office
  • Uiwang City hall
  • Jeju Eco-town
Educational institution
  • Jeonbuk National University
  • University of Seoul
  • Korea Maritime Ocean University
  • Goyang Higgh school
  • Korea Polytechnics
  • Gyeongbuk Provincial college
  • Hankyoung National University
  • Dongdam elementary school
  • Gyeonsang National University
  • Cheongju girls high school
  • Pyeongtaek Godok elementary school
  • Dongan elementary school
  • Dasan saebom elementary school
  • Cheonhyun elementary school
  • Hagil kindergarten
  • Omokcheon-dong Nursery
  • Topgoeul Nursery
  • The Armed Forces Medical Command
  • Haneul Elementary school
  • Hanbat National University
  • Korea National University of Education
  • Munsan Middle School
  • Sandeul Elementary School
  • Gwangyang Haetsal School
※ Many other than the above references
Governmental institution and public enterprise
  • Korea Brain Research Institut
  • Korea National Railway
  • Korea Environment Corporation
  • Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
  • Korea Customs Service
  • Agency for Defense Development
  • LH
Local Autonomous entity
  • Gyeonggi-do Osan city
  • Gyeonggi-do Ansan city
  • Gyeonggi-do Seongnam Citizens Medical Center
  • Incheon Metropolitan city Bupyeong-gu office
  • Jeollabuk-do Iksan City
  • Chungbuk-do Chungju City
  • Gyeongsangnam-do Gimhae City
  • Sejong City
  • Ulsan Technopark
  • Incheon Metropolitan City Fire Department
Educational institution
  • Chungju Office of Education
  • Seoul National University of Science and Technology
※ Many other than the above references
PV Solar EPC Project References
Project name Capacity (kW)
CELLAR Energy #1 PV power plant 970kW
CELLAR Energy #2 PV power plant 970kW
Yohan PV power plant 460kW
Sungyeop PV power plant 799kW
Hongik #1 PV power plant 499kW
Hongik #2 PV power plant 499kW
Chunghwa-ri PV power plant 999kW
Jukbon-ri PV power plant 400kW
shindang-ri PV power plant 400kW
HS Industry 271kW
Galshin PV power plant 200kW
G2ENERGY #1 PV power plant 1,605kW
Shinwoo metal 205kW
Sewonmachinery 297kW
※ Many other projects in progress
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