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DC arc detection type photovoltaic generation system|High efficiency PV inverter|Renewable energy project PV solar EPC
Photovoltaic system with prevention of serious disaster solution
DC arc detection type solar photovoltaic of PV line
Product introduction
G2POWER’s innovative photovoltaic generation system that can prevent electrical fire accidents in advance through efficient diagnosis and detection of direct current arcs without malfunction in PV line.
Product use
G2POWER’s PV system is a power generation device that generates solar light energy into direct through a PV module and converts it into alternating through an inverter to supply power to the system.
Excellent government procurement product that can be contracted privately with public institutions
This product is an excellent government procurement product and is a priority purchase item for public institutions, and 100% private contract is possible
Main certifications
Certificate of NET (New Excellent Technology)
Certificate of Government Excellent Product
Certificate of Innovative Product
Core function
DC arc diagnosis and detection function (meet UL1699B criteria)
Prevention of arc fire accidents in advance by diagnosing and detecting arcs generated from DC lines of PV modules, strings and arrays
Fire accident detection and analysis inside combiner box
Prevention of fire and secondary fire accident inside combiner box
Prevention of malfunction of DC arc detection
Minimize power generation loss by improving malfunction when detecting an arc due to switching noise generated in existing PV inverters
Core technology
DC arc detection and analysis technology of PV line
Real time electrical fire monitoring diagnosis and interrupting technology
G2POWER’s solar photovoltaic technology detects the DC arc by detecting the cliff in the time domain when an arc is generated by direct current in a PV string line and at the same time analyzing the difference in frequency before and after the cliff (NET authorized technology)
Fire detection and analysis technology inside combiner box
Integrated monitoring technology that capable of real time monitoring diagnosis
Technology to prevent the possibility of a fire accident in advance by real time monitoring the temperature rise inside the combiner box
Product classification Picture
Monotoring device Function : System extension and monitoring function(Temperaturedetection)
Voltage : 1000Vdc
Channel : 5module/device (max 20CH)
Communication : RS-485
Sensor module Function : DC arc detection and diagnosis in PV module
Voltage : 1000Vdc
Channel : 4ch/module
Communication : RS-485
TEV sensor Function : Arc detection and diagnosis inside combiner box
Detection : Arc monitoring by detection of transient ground voltage
Communication : RS-485
Necessity for DC arc detection and interrupting
What is arc?
As a discharge phenomenon that occurs in a circuit in which direct current flows, the types of arcs include series arc, parallel arc, and partial disconnection arc.
When PV facilities are exposed to moisture, salt, and yellow dust for a long period of time, the insulation failure of DC power lines progresses, resulting in DC arcs.
Electrical fire accident prevention
DC arcs occur widely and can cause serious fire accidents if not detected promptly in the beginning, so technology to detect and interrupt them in the early stages is very necessary
Securing stability of power supply
Preventing fire accidents in PV modules and combiner box in advance enables stable operation of the PV system and minimizes power generation down time
Securing profitability
Securing economic feasibility by minimizing power loss by preventing malfunction of arc detection due to noise from external electronic devices such as inverters, which is a problem of existing technology
G2POWER’s PV generation system is an optimized solution for power generation efficiency by detecting DC arcs generated from
solar PV lines to prevent fire accidents and malfunctions to raise the reliability of PV system operation.
Main installation case
Seoul Water Recycling Corporation
Korea Environmental Industry&Technology Institute
Jeollanam-do Haenam-gun office
Incheon Cheongna culture center
Yangpyeong-gun eco healing center
Chungcheongnam do future circulation resources center
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