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Energy storage technology with safety
Arc fires monitoring & diagnosis ESS
Product introduction
G2POWER’s energy storage system that can safely supply power at all times with a real-time integrated monitoring solution and technology that can monitor and diagnose accidents caused by arc fires inside the battery compartment
Product use
G2POWER’s energy storage system is that efficiently supplies power to various field so mainly used to stabilized the power grid, electricity use through a combination of renewable energy, reduce electricity bills through DR and peak management, and provide emergency power supply services.
Excellent government procurement product that can be contracted privately with public institutions
This product is an excellent government procurement product and is a priority purchase item for public institutions, and 100% private contract is possible
Main certifications
Certificate of Government Excellent Product (2020210)
Implementation of mandatory ESS installation policy in Korea
Rational Energy Use Act prepared based on Article 8 and Article 15 of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act,
In accordance with Article 11 (5) of the 『Regulations on Rationalization of Public Institutions’ Energy Use』, public institutions Buildings with a contracted power of 1,000Kw or more are subject to the mandatory installation of an energy storage system (ESS) with a scale of 5% or more of the contracted power.
In accordance with Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Addendum of the 『Regulations on Rationalization of Public Institutions’ Energy Use』, new buildings 2017.1.1 (based on the building permit application date), installation of existing buildings must be completed by 2023.12.31.
ESS Configuration
BMS (Battery Management System)
Store (charge) the electrical energy received from the grid and output (discharge) the stored electrical energy to the grid
Overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent protection function by sensing the voltage, temperature, and current of the battery
PCS (Power Conversion System)
PCS (Power Conversion System)
A power conversion system that converts the characteristics of electricity (DC↔AC, Voltage) to charge/ discharge the electricity stored in the ESS to the battery
PMS/EMS (ESS operation management system)
PMS (Power Management System)
EMS (Energy Management System)
ESS control by receiving information from PCS battery temperature and humidity sensors and peripheral devices (maximum power demand controller, relay, charge/discharge meter, etc.)
Core function
Partial discharge monitoring and diagnosis function
Prevention of electrical fires and accidents through precise detection and diagnosis of partial discharge in the ESS switchgear
Arc fire monitoring and diagnosis function
Arc fire detection by UV detection by applying UVTRON (ultraviolet ray detection sensor)
Multichannel communication protocol support function
CAN, TCP/IP RS232/485 등
Core technology
Partial discharge AI diagnosis technology in ESS switchgear
Partial discharge precise diagnosis and detection technology
Safety optimized solution technology to prevent electrical fire accidents in advance through partial discharge and early detection
Item Target specification
Span 0 dBmV ~ 60dBmV
Detection directivity ± 120 º
Detection frequency 200Mhz
Resolution ± 1 dBmV
Pules / cycle 655
Detection distance Detect at 1m
Arc fires monitoring & diagnosis technology in battery compartment
Real-time fires monitoring & diagnosis technology
Electric fire monitoring and diagnosis technology by detecting 185~270nm ultraviolet rays in case of arc (Meet UL criteria)
3-Level Topology design technology
Power generation maximization technology (Achieving maximum conversion efficiency 98%)
Optimized scheme for improving leakage current, surge, and noise generated from PCS
PCS Specification
PCS capacity 50kW 100kW 150kW 250kW
Model GESS-50 GESS-100 GESS-150 GESS-250
Electric constant 3 phase 4 wire system 3 phase 4 wire system 3 phase 3 wire system 3 phase 3 wire system
DC String 1 1 1 1
Input voltage range(V) 600 ~ 1000
Input maximum current(A) 85 167 250 420
AC Rated capacity(kVA) 50 100 150 250
Rated voltage(V) 380 380 380 380
Operating voltage range(%) -10/+12 -10/+12 -10/+12 -10/+12
Rated output current(A) 76 152 228 380
Rated frequency(Hz) 60 60 60 60
Current distortion factor(%) Total less than 5% / Each less than 3% Total less than 5% / Each less than 3% Total less than 5% / Each less than 3% Total less than 5% / Each less than 3%
Efficiency 97% or more 97% or more 97% or more 97% or more
Electrical box Dimension(WHD,mm) 1036 × 1061 × 582 890 × 2006 × 639
Cooling system 강제 공냉식
Electrical box
protected structure
Operating enviroment Temperature(℃) -20 ~ 40
Humidity(%) < 95% RH
User Interface HMI 20 × 4CLCD
External telecommunication RS-485
Main installation case
Cheongju Office of Education
PCS 150kW / Battery 625kWh
Seoul national university of science & technology
PCS 100kW / Battery 253kWh
Gyeonggi-do Osan city
PCS 150kW / Battery 250kWh
Gyeonggi-do Ansan city
PCS 100kW / Battery 312kWh
Cheongju Agricultural technology center
PCS 100kW / Battery 208kWh
Korea Brain Research Institute
PCS 250kW / Battery 430kWh
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